Media Spotlight: Chic Studio Design by AP Concept


AP Concept’s interior design studio featured by Lookbox Living

Covering an area of 800 square feet, AP Concept’s interior design studio is nestled in an industrial area. It serves as an area for interior designers and homeowners to meet with clients for interior design consultation.

The interior is minimalist in concept but holistic in approach. Harmoniously pairing wooden carpentry and concrete walls balances the raw industrial feel of the studio with warm wood accents.

“I’ve designed a total-concept home environment that not only shows how far one can take design, but also answers the demand for quality and craftsmanship in a limited space,” says Aaron, founder of AP Concept.

This design studio runs on a voice-activated smart home system incorporating Google Home

Feature wall concealing the storeroom and the staircase enlarges the living area, maximising the area space

Contrasting patterns and textures throughout the space that extends an incredible visual and tactile experience