2 Room Flexi BTO Home Renovation
(Singapore West)

The owner of this house carried a vibrant disposition and radiated positive energy. The AP Concept team was most glad to work on this project with her.

With the owner’s love for singing and dancing in mind, the home was fitted with unique coloured lightings that liven up the atmosphere. When it comes to making a statement, we took care to shortlist an elegantly chic wallpaper and complemented it with silver drapes that elevated the house with touches of silver.

Employing mirrored wall techniques allowed us to tackle the space constraints of a smaller flat by creating the illusion of an expanded space. Focal pieces of furniture, such as a table extension mechanism in the drawer compartment, maximised space usage and eliminated dead spaces.

Given natural space constraints of Singapore flats, the owner naturally had concerns regarding a cluttered and constrained living space.

Our team of designers were glad to fully alleviate her concerns with a holistic design approach that delivered a home that’s posh and comfortable.

We’re sure she will eagerly enjoy this tastefully designed home for years to come.