3 Room BTO Bidadari Interior Design
(Central East)

“Simple, modern minimalist” is how we would describe this home.

This newly expanded family needed a space that could accommodate the practicality of a small family of three and yet able to withstand the design test of time.

Woody, warm and earthy, this home is a picture of down to earth comfort and restfulness for the family who resides here.

Darker theme wood using intentional touches of rustic wood to brighten are modern elements of design our designers used.

Bold deep black kitchen counters and dark wood cabinets lend a sophisticated urban vibe to the kitchen space. The square orientation exudes modern city charm while keeping the interior neat and simple

The young couple always looks forward to retreating to the comforts of their master bedroom at the end of the day. Here, upholstered soft fabric headboards come together with the luxe velvet curtains and leather detailing on the wardrobe to create a luxurious calming ambiance.