4 Room BTO Alkaff Home Renovation

(Singapore North East)

We are pleased to introduce the latest renovation project by AP Concept, a 4 room BTO Alkaff Home Renovation. The vision that the couple wants is for a sleek, modern and spacious home. The use of glass and mirror makes the space brighter and more spacious. The farsighted couple wanted to future proof their house. Our designers curated ample wide-open spaces for the flexibility of transforming the place when they plan for children down the road.

As avid cooks, a wet and dry kitchen is a must for better organisation and task management. The wet kitchen is used for the heavier cooking and washing up. This arrangement is beneficial because it protects the rest of the house from the smells, fumes and grease. The dry kitchen is for lighter cooking, prep work and generally where most of the appliances are kept. Right by the fridge, the couple dedicated a barista station for their love of caffeine, especially for those work-from-home days. With the use of glossy white laminates, granite countertops and warm LED lights, this is also done to brighten up the space.

The couple emphasised the importance of having a spacious study area for duality. It serves as a comfortable working area in the day and transforms into a mahjong room for entertainment after work. The choice of glass sliding over the usual swing doors maximises and opens the space. Keeping the design flow consistent helps to create a seamless and well thought out theme as they transition from room to room.