5 Room Executive Apartment Resale
Jurong West (Singapore West)

Stepping into this house shouts one thing: Liverpool. If it’s not already obvious, the client and his family are avid fans of the football club.

Hearing his diehard enthusiasm for his favourite team, we knew we had to bring his passion to life in this house’s design. Entrusting their home in our hands, we weaved his passion for the team into a tasteful timeless dark contemporary design while integrating the clients’ love for dark and mysterious ambiance.

This is a highlight project by AP Concept as we ventured deep into the shades of black wood, vinyl floorings, tiles and paint colors.

The end product is an entire house that is tastefully splashed with different materials of black. This technique is used to create elements of shades and tones to make the house less monotonous yet maintaining the overall theme of the house – sleek black design principles.

Wooden pillars were put up to act as faux dividers to compartmentalise the house, yet leaving it still open and airy.

The living room is where the family gathers for good quality time and housing football matches with close friends. We curated this place with a long seating area and a clean, clutter-free console area to bring the focus to where it matters most – the trophy.

One undisputable fact is every visitor to this home would love the display corner exhibiting the Championship cup.