5 Room Resale Jurong West Interior Design

(Singapore West)

This 5 room resale in Jurong has a modern contemporary design that is perfect for this lovely couple’s retirement home. They came to AP Concept wanting a new modern environment that’s different from their previous homes. Inspired by the smart homes they’ve visited, the couple made a special request to have a fully automated system so that the house can be controlled easily.

To give the home a cosy feel, our designers curated a neutral colour palette to create a modern zen concept. A modern smart home system is also integrated at key points of the home for good functionality.

One of the key features of the living room is a wooden strip partition with open shelving that makes the partition aesthetically pleasing yet functional.

Having a meal with family and friends strengthen the bonds between one another, so our designers wanted to create a space that would be somewhere that everyone can dine and mingle freely. We did this by creating a curved partitioned wall by the dining area that softens the look of the space. We created a focal point in the wall by building an illuminating open shelf attracts where things can be displayed and family and friends can bond over the items.

Our designers decided to open up the space to create a semi-open kitchen. They did this by constructing a half-height wall and placing in-glass panels this allows ample light to flow through. Family and friends can also see what is going on. The floor tiling around the borders enhances the look of the kitchen with hexagonal tiles.