Condo Interior Design Project 
(Singapore Central)

Bold finishes and upscale design elements. One would be pleasantly surprised what is achieveable even with limited space.

Shifting in from a bigger place, our home owners were a family of four looking forward to a home that gave the same spacious feeling without any compromise to storage and utility. The home owners also loves to collect paricular art pieces and specially requested the home interior to weave in art as part of design. With minimalist decor and clever use of colours and textures, our team enable this condo project to achieve a look of luxury.

Beyond visually capitivating, the living room featured playful, yet functional features. A secret compartment concealed a mirrored wall beside the sofa. Originally a flaw due to an uneven wall, the design now masterfully masks the imperfection while doubling up as storage space, free up space in the compact living room. The use of white marble laminates permeates to the master bedroom, providing visual continuity throughout the house. Marble was chosen to accentuate a ‘posh’ lifestyle look, while the added a touch of walnut drew out a woody feel, realising a timeless design.