Bachelor’s Pad Modern Minimalist Home Design

(South West)

The dream bachelor’s pad, this 3 room resale in Holland has a fresh modern design. This house has a fully automated system with a state-of-the-art design. The owner is a game developer and wanted his home to be an open and freeing space where he would not feel cluttered and would be able to move freely and enjoy his hobbies.

The kitchen is designed with an open concept. With the main focus being a large island in the middle of the kitchen to do the prep working, cooking and washing. The island had a marble countertop is designed with neon lights below creating a sort of glow effect around the island which suits this owner’s taste. With such a beautiful view by the kitchen, a small breakfast nook was added looking out of the window, viewing the Singapore skyline.

In the study, our designers made sure to include space to work out in their own at-home gym. We also installed a mirror wall with warm LED light strips illuminating. Aside from developing games, the owner is a great dancer. This makes the mirror perfect for him to practice his moves and grooves. The study is the perfect space to work comfortably and to keep fit and healthy.

Our favourite aspects of the house are the master bedroom and attached bathroom. We instantly loved the idea when the owner suggested having tatami inspired bed. We raised the floor in the room so that we could build extra storage space into the room right by the bed. Going with a black and white theme, we also remodelled the bathroom to make it more masculine, apt for a bachelor’s pad.