Punggol Modern Contemp 4 Room Resale Home Renovation (North East)

In crafting the interior design for this newly married young couple, the focus was on infusing their space with a fresh, modern aesthetic inspired by marrying Scandinavian & Modern contemporary design principles. The first step involved breaking down the wall that once separated the study and living spaces, fostering a seamless flow between these two essential areas of the home. This not only opened up the floor plan but also created a sense of unity, allowing the couple to engage in both work and relaxation without feeling confined.

To inject vibrancy into the design, strategically placed display areas were incorporated into the cabinetry. These spaces serve as a platform for the couple to showcase cherished mementos, artwork, and other personal items, adding a touch of personality to the room. The use of LED lighting further enhances the ambiance, providing both functional and atmospheric illumination. The careful placement of these lights not only highlights the curated displays but also contributes to the overall warmth and inviting atmosphere of the space, making it conducive to various activities and moods.

In an effort to maximize the visual appeal of the compact living space, mirrors were strategically integrated to create an illusion of larger dimensions. This not only imparts a more modern feel to the interior but also amplifies the natural light, making the room feel brighter and more open. Mirrors also contribute to the overall aesthetic by reflecting the carefully chosen furnishings and decor, creating a harmonious balance within the space. By combining the principles of Scandinavian design with thoughtful spatial planning and contemporary elements like LED lighting and mirrors, this interior design successfully captures the essence of the couple’s style while fostering a harmonious and visually captivating living environment.