Serangoon North Ave 4 Resale 4 Room Minamalistic and Functional Interior Design

(Singapore North East)

This 4 room resale flat in Serangoon North has recently found itself in the hands of new owners, as well as under the transformative hands of our designers at AP Concept. Renovations was started by our designers doing a completely rework of the flooring in the house, in the kitchen, as well as for both toilets. Rewiring was also completed for the whole house, and all air conditioners, doors, and windows, were placed in order to suit the preferences of the couple.

The overall theme for this design was geared towards practicality, functionalism, and minimalism. Our designers took that into consideration by creating the element of space, taking down walls for an additional room in the original plans to make up the current dining area, as well as hacking away the old storeroom situated between the kitchen and the dining area to create a larger space. This led way to an open concept kitchen and dining area that emphasises on minimalistic elements, separated by only a large overarching archway. Carpentry was added for the kitchen cabinets, which boasts beautiful hues of blue and navy blue and white that coupled the gray flooring.

An interesting feature of this project was the creation of a customised glass sliding door that separates the service yard from the rest of the house. Transparent glass was chosen, along with dark black outlines, in order to allow maximum natural light reaching into the kitchen and dining area while minimising the element of too much heat. This design also fits the functional theme as a sliding door is a functional and efficient use of space between the kitchen and the service yard.

In the master bedroom, our designers have gracefully perched an L-shaped cabinet in the irregular curvature of the wall, ensuring that all possible space of the house be maximised to its fullest potential. For both the master bathroom and the common bathroom, cerulean frosted glass was chosen for the doors for a more spacious feeling, coupled with gorgeous complements of dark and light hues, making this a perfect addition to the rest of the house.