Northshore Drive BTO Home Renovation & Modern Interior Design Concept

(Singapore North East)

In a cosy corner of the Northeast, this unique abode is home to a newly-wed young couple. With their home facing the coastal shoreline of the northern seas, our designers at AP Concept took up the challenge of transforming this 5-room BTO project into a modern contemporary classic that favours the tastes of its young homeowners, as well as incorporating wind and sea elements due to its ideal location facing the waters.

With every young couple’s first dream home, our designers first found themselves engaging in a lot of carpentry in order to meet the young homeowner’s requirements of a classy, sophisticated theme to accommodate to their living styles. This was heavily accentuated with dark tilings for the floor, as well as different shades of gray and black paint around the entire home.

The living room featured sophisticated dark grille panelling that blends into a featured altar, allowing for effective space utilisation for the couple to place their things there. To accentuate the space, the kitchen and living room were transformed into an open concept space with a settee and pantry combination. Adorned with beautifully furnished wooden L-shaped cabinets along the walls, and the allowance of seamless natural light, the space was accentuated with dark and brown undertones that fit the couple’s ideal relaxation space. With a large island in the middle, this was fitted with a Kompacplus worktop as well as black laminate wall claddings to cover the original plan’s existing wall tiles.

Our designers took note to extend this contemporary theme into the master bedroom as well, where our young homeowners can find themselves in to relax and chill after a long day at work. The master bedroom is efficiently lined with L-shaped cabinets along the perimeter of the room with dark and added brown hues in order to accentuate the overall black theme. The wardrobe, bed frame, and bedhead are laminated and encased with beautiful marble veins and orange combination.

When you walk into the bathroom, it is furnished with a lighter shade that is highlighted by natural light streaming in through the windows, complementing the environment with light tiles and frosted window panellings. To adhere to the initial dark theme of the homeowner’s preferences, our designers added the detail of a dark overlay along with posh accessories and a sanitary set.