5 Room Executive Apartment Modern Contemporary Home Interior Design (Singapore North)

Having upgraded from a smaller abode, this couple sought a transformative modern-contemporary design that would truly make a statement. The pièce de résistance of this design endeavor takes form in a striking feature wall, adorned with curvature wall claddings that immediately draw the eye. This element, described as nothing short of “BOOMZ,” becomes a focal point, infusing the space with a bold and avant-garde energy. Complementing this spectacle is a linear magnetic track light system, casting a sophisticated glow that not only illuminates the room but also amplifies the overall chic ambiance. The result is a home that unmistakably exudes contemporary allure, a fitting upgrade for this couple’s new executive haven.

Another standout feature is the laminated cladding behind the sofa, subtly enhanced with a touch of LED stripe lighting. This addition not only adds depth and texture to the living space but also contributes to the overall modern aesthetic. It serves as a testament to the couple’s desire for eye-catching design elements that seamlessly integrate into the contemporary narrative of their upgraded home. Moreover, the walk-in wardrobe, boasting black glass doors and rock glass cube windows, exemplifies the owners’ penchant for bold statements. This unique and sophisticated design choice not only elevates the functionality of the space but also reflects the couple’s commitment to making a lasting impression in every corner of their expansive abode.

The bathroom, a rustic masterpiece concealed behind a glass door, serves as a captivating retreat within the home. This design choice encapsulates the owners’ preference for bold and eye-catching elements, transforming a functional space into an artistic sanctuary. The juxtaposition of rustic elements against sleek modern finishes creates a visually compelling composition, adding depth and character to the overall design. In essence, every facet of this executive apartment resonates with the couple’s vision for an attention-grabbing and bold modern-contemporary home, where each element stands as a testament to their refined taste and flair for the extraordinary.