Bartley Villa House Interior Design

(Singapore North East)

AP Concept interior designers had the pleasure of working on a stunning semi-detached home in Bartley Villa. The family wanted to modernise their mature home. One of the first things we did is to create an open view in the living hall, enlarging the common space and adding a generous amount of natural lighting. This simple change elevated the house into a more welcoming place. The living hall where the family gathers is creatively designed with more seating space such as the window nook.

The family had a backyard wet kitchen which we modernised with new tiling and kitchen appliances. We turned the one end of the wet kitchen into a bar so that people can sit and talk while they prepare food. On the other end, we created an outdoor shower so that can clean up easier after working outside.

The indoor dry kitchen was also revamped with new glossy white countertops which stand out amongst the black cupboards and fridge. It keeps the kitchen looking classy and easy to maintain. We took advantage of the spacious kitchen and fabricated a large island in the indoor kitchen. The island functionality is endless. It can be used for prepping food, a quick meal, having company over or even for the kids to do their homework on as their parents busy themselves in the kitchen.

Every parents’ dream is for a room befitting for their precious princess. For the daughter’s room, we created a two-toned wall that continued into the bathroom. The tiles in her bathroom were made to look like mermaid scales. Together with the large circular mirror with gold rims sitting above the sink, they are the perfect subtle nod to fantasy while still being modern contemporary pieces.

The other common bathrooms are designed to look distinctively unique yet in harmony. One bathroom carries more light earth tones and a mixture of textures paired with a smart ring light mirror. The other is designed in darker uniquely shaped stone tiles and a square bevel-edged bathroom.

The master bedroom has a stunning glass walk-in wardrobe. This is an excellent way to create separation without losing floor space. Warm lighting and black design features installed in the walk-in wardrobe exudes luxury and class.