4 Room Telok Blangah Resale HDB

(Singapore South)

This 4 room resale in Telok Blangah has a modern contemporary design that is perfect for our couple. The design of this home was created with the couple’s love to entertain and socialise in mind. The living room transforms into the perfect space for hosting family and friends when they come over.

Our designers utilised the entryway into a storage space, with ample cupboards and build-in wall shelves for display and decoration. We also created accent walls using layered textures for added dimensions to the home.

The kitchen is intentionally designed as a closed concept with the use of a glass window and folding door to create the illusion of an open floor plan. This strategy allows the vastness of space whilst still confining the smell & grease of the cooking area to an enclosed area. Warm LED lighting is curated throughout the house to create accentuating the marble laminated wall.

The master bedroom is where this couple whisks themselves away after a long day. The soft blue walls and white carpentry works are thoughtfully paired to unwind and relax one’s mood. This bed is uniquely designed to have warm LED back-lights instead of bedside lamps to optimise space and induce a restful lounge.